Grilled Octopus with Potatoes

Recipes of the grilled octopus really vary in myriad ways. The flavor will only distinguish the type and quality of olive oil, a rosemary flavor, spice ratio, and the ratio of the combination of vegetables and herbs.


1 octopus (about 1 kg)
1 kg of potatoes
1 large onion
3 garlic
6 tablespoons olive oil
6 tablespoons plain oil
salt, pepper, rosemary to taste
1 dl white wine


Preparing octopus

Octopus must be cleaned from the womb, wash, remove the stem. To flesh octopus was soft there, more ways to prepare. The most common octopus spank piston. Instead, it can be short (15 minutes) to boil in a little water in which you put the cork in order octopus dropped the excess fluid and mucus. The best is still the frozen octopus, so as not to be tough after baking. In the corresponding sheet in the cold oil to put the potatoes and onion cut into large slices. At this place cleaned and prepared octopus. All sprinkled with rosemary and a little salt. Cover with aluminum foil and adding water to the furnace at 180 ° C for 60 minutes. At the end of the cooking pour the wine and add the chopped garlic and parsley. Short films without browning. Thus prepared octopus served as a main dish.