15 Adorable DIY Ways To Decorate A Light Switch Cover

DIY light switch plates can be as creative and original as any handmade decorative item in the home. Switch plates are usually quite simple and common, but with some imagination, they can be transformed into much more interesting decor elements. You can cover them with paper, metal, plastic, wood and a variety of other materials. It is true that we use them every day and seldom pays attention to their appearance but they can be that small detail that expresses the individuality of the homeowner and if you do not know how to decorate the old switch plate, look at these original ideas in the gallery below and get inspired!

Enjoy In These Creative Light Switch Cover Ideas


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You can use anything that fits to your style, the interior of your home and expresses your individuality – driftwood, a piece of slate tile, images of your favorite city, etc. Creativity, inspiration and imagination have no boundaries so personalize your switch plates in a way that will make you happy!

Source: Deavita